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We specialize in razors that are of the highest quality and are extremely gental to your personal areas. All our razors come with a full 1 year warranty.

The Body Bare® razor blades and foils both come with a lifetime guarantee. They are specially made very fine so you will never get a bump or irritation, yet they are durable to last for years.

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    Baby Powder and Brush Applicator
    Lubricating oil for your shavers and trimmers
    Pubic Stencils
    Replacement Screens
    Replacement Charging plug
    Instructional DVD

    Baby Powder & Professional Extra Full Retractable Powder Brush

    When you use a old fashion razor blade, you need to use shaving cream for best results right?

    Our shavers and trimmers are meant to be used on dry skin and hair and should also be free of oil. Baby powder MUST be used to achieve best results. The powder will absorb skin and hair oils that you did not even know were there as well as acting as a lubricant. The powder will also improve the quality of the shave you get.

    As a convenience, we now would like to offer you 2 OZ corn starch based Baby powder here on our website so you don't have to go out and buy some when your shaver is delivered.

    You will want to use our Upstage Professional Extra Full Retractable Powder Brush to apply the powder with. Why?? When the brush is used to apply the powder it can lift the hair up and away from the skin allowing the powder to absorb any natural oils that were between the hair and the skin. The hair will now be raised up away from the skin and ready for cutting. The Upstage Professional Powder Brush is perfect for travel and since the Body Bare Shaver and the Feminine come with a travel case these 3 make a great set and are perfect for vacations and more.

    1. Designed for personal use

    2. Designed for professional make-up artists

    3. Extra Full for easy powder application

    4. Sophisticated oval shape

    5. Retractable brush with cover

    Baby Powder
    Save a trip to the store



    Upstage Professional Extra Full Retractable Powder Brush
    Regular Price $9.99 Now Only $6.99
    Add Baby powder for only .75 cents more.


    Lubricating Oil

    This lubricating oil is the most needed part of our shaver maintenance kit and it is now sold separately. Like with any electric operated shaver there is metal on metal contact between the blades and shaving foil. Oil your shaver on a regular basis to get maximum performance and long life from your shaver. After each use is ideal but after every 2-3 shaves is OK too. Simply place one drop of oil on the inside of the screen, replace screen and turn on to distribute the oil.

    Our lubricating oil comes in a 2 Dram oil vial including eye dropper for easy application. Our vials are shipped in bubble wrap bags for protection against breaking or leaking. This vial holds enough oil to give you a year or more of use. The oil can be used on all trimmers too.

    Our vials of oil are now on sale for 50% off
    Normally $9.50 on sale now for only $4.75


    Shaving Kit

    This shaving kit has everything you'll need to keep your Personal Shaver and trimmers clean and in top performing condition. We have included lubricating oil to keep your shaver and trimmer performing at their best. The oil will also ensure long life to your shaver and trimmer. Also included is a soft retractable professional makeup brush to powder before you trim or shave your intimate areas, and a 2 ounce bottle of baby powder. Just powder up and shave away! Cleanup is easy, just remove the screen, lightly brush the screen and blades with the included brush. Then use one drop (eye dropper included) of the oil to lube the screen for the closest smoothest shave ever.

    Bottom line, you get everything you will need to care for and maintain your shaver and trimmer including the upstage professional application brush, baby powder, Personal Shaver lubricating oil with eye dropper.

    Normally sells for $20.99 now on sale for only $14.99

    Order your Shaving Kit today!


    Be Sexy With Our Stencils

    Now On Sale 50% off

    Yes, that's right! We now carry pubic stencils. The perfect addition to the Super combo (Body Bare & Feminine). The Feminine is perfect for shaping and trimming and when you add these great stencils you've got a winning combination and some sexy shapes that will impress anyone! Stencils can be cut smaller if needed with any pair of scissors. We have 6 sexy shapes to choose from. Each kit contains 4 of the same shape stencil.

    Why are these stencils better than others? Other Stencil companies give you a hard PVC plastic piece that does not adjust to your body curves. They are hard and rigid leaving you to guess where the design should lay on you. This never works out and the pattern of the stencil always comes out wrong and therefore unattractive. Our professional stencils are only $9.99 per kit. Each kit contains 4 same shape stencils.

    Shape like a pro with our professional grade stencils.

    Lightning Bolt


    • Trim hair using your Feminine trimmer to NO SHORTER then 1/2 inch and no longer than 1 inch. Hair should not be "bushy" or Stubble.
    • Area should be dry and free of oil.
    • Find the area you wish to have your design carved out in your pubic area.
    • Gently press the stencil down and the mild adhesive will hold the stencil in place.
    • Using your Feminine, trim ONLY around the shape of the stencil about 1 inch out from it. This should only take 1 minute.
    • Now remove the stencil. The shape of your stencil is left behind. Apply Baby powder with cosmetic brush and shave the remaining hair off using your Feminine and Body Bare shaver.
    • If some hair should stick to the stencil (the adhesive is mild) use your Feminine to trim that hair off of the stencil. The Feminine is slender and perfect for the job.
    • Detailed directions come with each kit.

    Body Bare Replacement Blades

    Replacement Blade kit

    The Body Bare replacement blade & foil set is priced right at $19.99. WOW!! What a deal!


    Replacement USA style charging plug for the Body Bare shaver

    (Each Body Bare Shaver Comes With 1 Plug FREE)

    This little guy is a great purchase. Maybe your cat took your first plug and used it as a toy? Maybe you left your original in a hotel room while on vacation. What ever the case may be, we suggest buying a spare with your current purchase just in case. It is a great item to have. Regularly 14.95 on sale for only $8.95.
    For $8.95 you cant go wrong.

    Recharging plug


    Get BuzZzed!™

    Starring Teri Weigel
    Instructional Female and Male Shaving DVD

    Warning this video contains female and male nudity. You must be 21 or older to buy.

    This professionally done DVD will show you how to use your personal shaver in a light, enjoyable atmosphere. The DVD will go over the proper use of your shaver, Ladyfair and Feminine trimmer in a easy to follow, step by step video manual incorporated into a enjoyable short film filled with behind the scenes and more!

    After the instruction is done, we go over cleaning and shaver maintenance. Proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure long life to your shaver and trimmer.

    Our DVD has attractive models and is enjoyable to watch for both men and women. Get BuzZzed!™ is a must have item and will complement your current shaver order nicely.

    Get BuzZzed!™ is a humorous film showing the life of one women and her shaving adventure. Filled with humor and shaving instruction it is a must have for those with a personal shaver or a sense of humor! The ultimate instructional DVD.

    Normally $29.99
    Introductory sale price $16.33


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